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What Watt and Rousseau started became a thrilling story. The steam engine promised us a life in leisure and the social contract would empower us and give us a sense of belonging. A future society in which we should earn our value from our knowledge and any organisation would be a hierarchic democracy.

But nothing lasts for ever. As soon as Lilienfeld got his patent for the transistor we realized that our knowledge society was dying. Page showed us that information on the outside of our hierarchies would prove more valuable than the information on the inside..

This is the last industrial revolution. Or rather, the first revolution of a new kind, one we're yet to find a suitable name for.

Paradigmmaklarna (Paradigmbrokers)
is a company built on and by
Troed Troedson and Camilla Hending.
We are analysts and strategic consultants specialised in future and societal development. To those who wants to lead their organisations in a brand new world, or even into it, the surrounding climate is more of a challenge than management itself.